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Challoch Energy, established in 2009, undertakes project development and implementation, consultancy, research and analysis in the energy efficiency, cogeneration and renewable sectors. Challoch Energy is based in Belgium. Challoch's clients include local authorities, oil and gas companies, the chemical industry, the food industry and various finance institutions.

Challoch Energy is actively engaged in the low carbon energy market and the articles below are ones that we have found interesting:

Floating turbines for Hywind Scotland offshore wind farm in transit

July 24, 2017 - Five floating turbines for the Hywind offshore wind farm this week began their journey from Stord, Norway, to Buchan Deep, 25 km east of Peterhead in Scotland, according to Abu Dhabi-based Masdar, a co-owner of the project. The 6-MW turbines, which are placed on top of ballasted steel cylinders, were assembled outside Stord this summer and now are being individually towed to Scottish waters, the company said.  Read more...

EU to consider labels for green finance products

July 20, 2017 - In a push to foster sustainable markets and instil trust in investors, the European Commission has discussed plans to introduce labels for clearer classification of green financial products. (...) the European Commission estimate that over the next 20 years an extra 180 billion euros (USD $207 billion) in annual investment will be needed. Read more...

Germany, France agree joint renewables initiatives

July 19, 2017 - Germany and France have agreed to hold joint renewable energy auctions and to trial the integration of renewables into decentralised grids in a cross-border project. Read more...