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Challoch Energy, established in 2009, undertakes project development and implementation, consultancy, research and analysis in the energy efficiency, cogeneration and renewable sectors. Challoch Energy is based in Belgium. Challoch's clients include local authorities, oil and gas companies, the chemical industry, the food industry and various finance institutions.

Challoch Energy is actively engaged in the low carbon energy market and the articles below are ones that we have found interesting:

Britain powered 24 hours without coal for first time in 135 years in 'watershed moment'

April 23, 2017 - The UK’s first 24 hours without using coal as part of its energy mix has been hailed “a watershed” moment.

For the first time since the industrial revolution, the country fulfilled all of its energy needs without using coal for a full day. It is bound to happen more frequently, the National Grid said.

Around half of energy came from natural gas and about a quarter came from nuclear plants, according to Grid Watch. Wind, biomass and imported energy made up the difference. Read more...

Ireland is ditching peat for energy from wind

April 21, 2017 - The island nation aims to become a net exporter of electricity. Galway Wind Park, in the remote, soggy hills of Connemara facing the Atlantic Ocean, will be Ireland’s largest wind farm when it is completed this summer, generating 169MW of power at peak capacity, or about 3% of Ireland’s average needs.

It is only the latest development in Irish wind power, which has tripled in the last decade to more than 3GW of capacity. The renewable resource now provides a quarter of the electricity Ireland consumes every year. Read more...

Residential Solar Storage Energy giant E.on enters UK solar and storage market

April 20, 2017 - ‘Big Six’ utility firm E.on has announced its entrance to the UK’s solar and storage market with a new consumer-focused offering.

E.on Solar and Storage, launched in the UK today (19 April), aims to install solar and storage systems for both E.on and non-E.on customers, adding to its current energy supply model. Read more...